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Gørlev Horse Show

Verantwortlicher Autor: Ole Braad-Sørensen Gørlev, DEnmark, 23.10.2018, 07:44 Uhr
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Gørlev Horse Show
Gørlev Horse Show  Bild: Ole Braad-Sørensen

Gørlev, DEnmark [ENA] Goerlev Horse-Show is held each year and is the most important event in the city. In fact, the horse-show ends up in a big civic festival. The main purpose for holding the show is grading of several breeds and selecting of the best mare and the best gelding of the show.

Goerlev Horse-Show is actually two shows. The first is held in week number 27 with horses and another held in week 37 for foal and colt. The show starts with a procession of horses through the city to the park ìsoeparkenî where the show is held. The mayor is opening the show with a speech. This year, more than 80 shopkeepers was selling everything from ìsmall to Bigî and 67 horses was lined up for the grading.

The history of Goerlev horse-show: For more than 35 years ago, a group of people on goerlev region with Frede Nielsen Dr¯sselbjerg as chairman, agreed to establish a committee with the aim to start an annual competition to find the best horses of the Belgian horse breed. The committee was named Goerlev Committee and committee members are now behind Goerlev Horses and flea market.

The first grading was held at the station square in Goerlev, and the following years the number of Registered horses for the election grew so that it soon became necessary to move the grading to the park ìSoeparkenî in Goerlev - where grading is still held. Breeds on the horse-show are: Icelandic Horses, Shetlands Pony, Belgian horses, Danish Sports Pony, Haflinger, Jutlandic Horses, Knapstrupper, New Forest Pony, Oldenburg, Tinker, Welsh Pony. Through the years there have been many other horse breeds, and later also a Tivoli and an extensive flea market emerged. Goerlev horse-and flea-market Received in the year 2005 the Award for best Market of the year from shopkeepers association of 1981.

This year the weather showed itself from the best side. Saturday started with high sunshine and low wind. The sunshine tempted the audience to go out, enjoying the horse show. Never before have so many people been around the show-ring and the organizers of the show had prepared a show which will not be forgotten in long time. The show started with Jutlandic horses with historic horse-drawn carriages, the first with musicians playing. When all carriages in place, the mayor of the municipality of Kalundborg, held a speech. Later there was a competition, riding/tilting at the ring, which also was very amusing for the audience and of course also for the riders :-)

The show continued with lot of activity the rest of the day, not only for horses, but also agility-show for dogs. Sunday was the day for the grading of horses. The enrolled horses was assembled in the ring to a ceremony and then the presentation of the breeds began. After the grading it was the time for election of the best mare and the best gelding of the show. The prize for the best mare went to the Shetland Pony ìSoenderskovs Filipaî owned by Lene Soenderskov. The best gelding of the show was the Icelandic Horse ìPinni from Lille Noerregaardî owned by Signe Bisgaard. To see more pictures from the horse-show, please visit: http://www.soholm.en-a.eu/my_gallery/

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