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Hjallerup Market

Verantwortlicher Autor: Ole Braad-Sorensen Hjallerup, Denmark, 25.06.2017, 19:33 Uhr
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Hjallerup Market
Hjallerup Market  Bild: Ole Braad-Sorensen

Hjallerup, Denmark [ENA] Hjallerup Marked is the biggest horse-show in Denmark. It is held every year in the first weekend of June. Apart from the horse-market, Hjallerup Market has changed to be a big national festival with trade, entertainment of Rock-Bands, jazz and folk music.

In the years before the invention of the tractor, the horse was very important in the agricultural life and every year there was held several “horse-fairs” around the country. The biggest was “Hjallerup-Marked” and is still in our modern world, the biggest horse-fair in Denmark. Unfortunately, the rules for transport and horse-shows has been so restrict as most horse dealers has given up this business. The result is that this year only 200 horses was seen at the market. Other horse-markets has closed down this activity.

Some history for the market: Hjallerup Market has been held since 1744 The market was in 1744 in the hands of the landlord in Hjallerup, which until 1965 had the right and duty to keep market. But from 1966 Hjallerup Market has been the property of the citizens of Hjallerup. Later Hjallerup Market fund has been responsible for the markets continuing. The first market was located south of the property "Frederikshvile". Here lay Hjallerup Inn from 1744-1858. The King, Frederik 7 stayed as Crown Prince on the inn in 1843, hence the name "Frederikshvile" (Frederics Rest).

Upon the establishment of the new highway Aalborg - Frederikshavn, the inn and the Market moved in 1858 into Hjallerup city. There were good road links and ample adjacent land to the market's organization. After 2 years at the inn they moved the marketplace for a leased area at "Østergade", where there is now a basketball court and in 1972 they moved to the current marketplace by Market Yard in Algade where they bought Sondergård and resold the buildings. Marketplace area has since expanded several times. Over the years, the marketplace developed for its purpose with installed electricity, water, sewer and even pipeline for beer-supplies. There are made an open-air stage and a large warehouse.

Horse Market With about 20,000 horses... they say - reached Hjallerup Market in 1930-50 the best period. But with the invention of the tractor, the picture reversed. Interest in work horses fell and innkeeper Norgaard Jacobsen sought permission to sell marketplace as building land. The doctor Halvor Heuch decided to rent the inn's marketplace for 2 years, so Hjallerup citizens themselves could drive Hjallerup Market. With good cooperation between the citys 1200 citizens, he got the idea for Hjallerup association - the umbrella organization which all city unions and organizations are behind.

The organization has since - with some changes such as "Hjallerup market fund" - managed Hjallerup Market, whose profits are used for general useful purposes. From a surplus of DKK 17,000 the first year in 1966, the market has since grown into a new period of greatness with substantial profits for the benefit of the city. The continued strong support from citizens must therefore probably be found in that they think they get great benefit from their efforts that they think it's fun to volunteer together to achieve a result and that they all have a say in what money is used in the form of meetings and umbrella organization meetings.

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