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Ulkerup, the abandoned village

Verantwortlicher Autor: Ole Braad-Sørensen Ulkerup, Denmark., 22.11.2017, 08:15 Uhr
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Forest people at Ulkerup
Forest people at Ulkerup  Bild: Ole Braad-Sørensen

Ulkerup, Denmark. [ENA] In the Ulkerup forest, Odsherred, Denmark, there once was a village called Ulkerup. It is now abandonned. Well, in fact it is more than 200 years ago since it was decided to dismantle the village. The Ulkerup Village is now only traces of the buildings in the shape of some stones.

The village Ulkerup’s history: The Ulkerup village was built around the year 1300 The first time it is mentioned in written sources in Roskilde Book of Records from 1370th. Like many other villages in Odsherred, Ulkerup was owned by the Crown. To have right to use land, the peasants had to pay different annual fees. Ulkerup was a forest village and the town's production was therefore based on animal husbandry. The biggest part of the city's spending was for many years paid in butter. While the village economy "balanced on a knife edge", they made it as long as the cattle were well.

l 1740s came the dreaded cattle plague to Denmark, where it ravaged the beginning of the 1750s and 1760s. Also Ulkerup was hit by the plague, and from the moment it started going downhill for the peasant economy. Their debt grew and the buildings fell into disrepair. King did nothing to replace the losses the farmers had suffered, and even they were powerless because they are not as farmers in other regions, had the opportunity to intensify grain breeding. In addition, the city's arable land was too small and too poor, and growing community made it practically impossible to think alternatively.

Up through the 1770s won new ideas popular in the central administration. Agriculture should be "replaced" so that each farm had its ground in one area. And the forest condition was improved. The forests had previously been used by farmers for grazing their livestock, and they used the forest to gærdsel and fuel. Forest extent therefore had long been on the decline.__

It was now necessary to introduce a regular forest management throughout the country. l continuation of these thoughts the king decided in 1782 to dismantle Ulkerup city. Three of the peasants were given new houses in the neighborhood, two peasant families were like the city's nine crofter's family, a husmandslod in the northeast located Strand Vang, while the Ranger's farm was moved out of the woods. The old village area and the old arable land in the forest was included to modern forestry.

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